Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install APTonCD on any debian-based system?
Short aswer: No.
Long aswer: Yes, but...
APTonCD have full support only on Ubuntu (dapper, edgy and feisty), but works fine on Debian etch and sid. It can be installed on others debian-based system with apt, gnome, and other required dependencies, but we do not give any warranty that all functions will work.

APTonCD is free software?
Of course! APTonCD is free and open source software. You can download, see the code, modify them and share with everyone, following the terms and conditions of the General Public License v2.

Exist any interest to release an MS Windows version?
Many peoples have been asked if an Windows version will be released, where the peoples would download the packages of an entire repository in a Windows box. But I'm not an Windows programmer, and I don't like Visual Basic or Delphi :P